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We believe in the partnership between school and home and encourage parents to support children’s learning at home. Alongside Home Learning and Reading there are many additional opportunities to help children maximise their knowledge and skills.

Many parents and children now have access to computers and we are often asked to recommend websites. Please find below links to lists of websites that may be suitable for you to use with your children. We will update these termly and they will be sent out as part of the Year Group Learning Lowdown. (These are suggested examples only and we have no control over content or rights to copy.)

We also have subscriptions to the following websites to support Maths, Reading and Handwriting. Log-in information is sent out to relevant year groups; otherwise please speak to Class Teachers who will be able to support you accessing these online resources.


Summer 2020 update: 

We are using Class Dojo to stay connected during the Covid-19 closure. Home Learning information for each class is sent out via Parent Hub and can also be found on the Dojo Class Story. We encourage children to share their learning either through their Dojo Portfolios or by the secure messaging system. Please contact school/ class teachers if you require any further support or help to log in.


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