The Academy has a governing body. The key responsibilities of the governing body are to:

  • Ensuring the quality of educational provision
  • Evaluate pupil outcomes
  • Challenge and monitor performance
  • Take decisions about personnel management
  • Manage financial, physical and human resources
  • Raise concerns with the Chief Executive of the Focus-Trust in a timely manner

Our Governors are:

  • Bob Richmond (Chair of the Governors) – Appointed June 2017 – Meetings Attended (18-19) – 6/6
  • Gemma Bunkle (Focus Trust Governor) – Appointed May 2019 – Meetings Attended (18-19) -4/6
  • Susan Edwards (Focus Trust Governor) – Appointed March 2017 Meetings Attended (18-19) – 3/6
  • Andrew Ross (Principal) – Appointed September 2014 – Meetings Attended (18-19) – 6/6
  • Kath Shaw (Staff Governor) – Appointed Oct 2017 – Meetings Attended (18-19) – 6/6
  • Nick Taylor (Parent Governor) – Appointed June 2016 – Meetings Attended (18-19) – 4/6
  • Laura McNeil (Focus Governor) – Appointed June 2016 – Meetings Attended (18-19) – 5/6
  • Rachel Waterman  (Vice Chair of the Governors) –  Appointed January 2019 – Meetings attended (18-19) 3/4
  • Matt Davies  (Staff Governor) – Appointed March 2019 – Meetings attended (18-19 ) 2/3
  • Gemma Gleave (Parent Governor) Appointed December 2019 Meetings attended (18-19) 1/1
  • Ansaf Blackmore (Parent Governor) Appointed December 2019 Meetings attended (18-19) 1/1

A message from the Chair of the Governing body

Hello and welcome from your Governing body.

We volunteer as governors because we believe that every child should have a good education and the opportunity to work hard and achieve their full potential. We support and challenge the school senior leadership team to provide an environment where children enjoy their learning and make good progress.
We meet as a full Governing body twice a term but also visit the school in the daytime to get to know staff and children.

Parent Governors are elected to provide a parents’ perspective on decisions made. Presently 2 Governors have children in the school.

We continue to receive excellent support from Focus Trust in the development of our teaching staff. The Trust has also fully supported the increase in school yearly intake which will mean the end of mixed age group classes. This has resulted in the funding of additional classrooms. These are now completed and will mean there are only single age group classes across the school from September.

The school continues to develop under the leadership of the Principal, Andrew Ross, and his senior teachers. As governors we will aim to both support and challenge his team to deliver the best outcomes for all our pupils.

We are always interested in parent’s points of view so please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.

Governor Disclosures

Rudheath Primary Academy Focus-Trust-Governance-Disclosure-2018-19 (1)