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Assertive Mentoring


Happy New Year and welcome back to school after the Christmas break. I hope that you have enjoyed the festive time as much as the children have told me they enjoyed it!

January is a time for new year resolutions and here at school we are going to be introducing something new to improve the attainment, behaviour and achievement for each and every child in our school – Assertive Mentoring.

We will be introducing different areas of the assertive mentoring process over the next 6 months and I’ll be sending regular updates to let you know how we are progressing and what we are introducing when.

Assertive Mentoring?

First a quick introduction to what Assertive Mentoring is:

Assertive Mentoring is an approach, which rigorously integrates target setting, tracking, mentoring & checking systems to give spectacular results and will lead a school, such as ours, out of difficulty and towards the Outstanding grading that we will achieve in time. It works by giving parents and children ownership of their data and allowing the children to set their own targets in conjunction with their mentor. All children will have their own folders which you, and the children, are welcome to check at any time.
Assertive Mentoring – Behaviour (January 2015)

We are starting this term by introducing our new Assertive Mentoring behaviour system into school and setting up the folders for all the children. We have updated our school rules to:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Take care of others
  • Take care of your school

Good behaviour

We want to be able to reward the good behaviour that almost all the children show in school, ensure good behaviour and learning in every class, share with you regularly how well your children are behaving and for you to be able to track your child’s behaviour over a period of time. Our policy works on rewarding children that are doing the right thing – the correct, and expected, behaviour. We will be rewarding children with smileys – with the aim for children to achieve 100 smileys over a term.

We will be giving children smileys for many reasons but these could include particularly good work/effort, displaying good manners, displaying a caring attitude towards others, staying on task, playing correctly with other children at playtime / lunchtimes etc.
The leadership team in school will be sending out letters to you letting you know when your child has achieved 50 smileys and again if they manage to achieve the 100 smileys. Evidence of the children’s progress will be stored in their Assertive Mentoring file for you to view whenever is convenient.

If everyone in the class manages to achieve the 100 smileys at the end of the term there will be a reward for the whole class.
Alongside individual smileys we will also have class stars for each class. Each class will start with 20 stars each week and these can be gained (for whole class excellence) and lost (if someone is letting the class down). There will be a reward for the class with the most points at the end of each week – e.g. They get to sit on chairs for assembly the following week.

Behaviour below our expectations

Obviously some children may struggle initially to meet the high expectations that we are setting. For these children we operate a Time-out system (A – in class, B – another class, C – Out of classes) initially before putting the children on report. You will obviously be made aware of these time-outs and any time-out B’s or higher will be recorded in the children’s mentoring file for you and the children to read.

Letters will be sent home to you as parents to keep you informed of regular incidents if needed. We will endeavour to keep you as informed as possible on your child’s behaviour, both positive and negative, but please do not hesitate to come into school, or ring your child’s class teacher to stay as up to date as possible.

What next?


Completion of all Assertive Mentoring files for children. These files will follow the children throughout school and be passed onto the high-school when they leave.


Just before February half-term we will be sending out our first half-termly report (see attached draft example on website). This will give you an update on all the major areas of your child’s progress / behaviour within school in a simple Red, Amber, Green tick sheet. A more formal report will be continued to be issued at the end of the year.

All children will meet with their ‘mentor’ for a discussion on their progress this half-term. We have yet to decide who each child will have as their mentor – in most cases however this will be their class teacher or teaching assistant.

Formal adoption of the Assertive Mentoring Behaviour Policy.

Spring 2

Introduction of the Assertive Mentoring for maths – more details to follow.

Behaviour Policy

As a result of the new Assertive Mentoring scheme we are introducing I have put together with the staff a new draft Behaviour Policy. The Policy is available to view on the school website as a draft currently – please let me know if you have any comments regarding it so that we can include any changes needed.

Thank You

I know that this letter has been long but I hope it gives you an idea of how we are working to improve and reward the children that behave in our school and address those children that sometimes struggle to do the right thing.

I look forward to an exciting and fun-filled Spring Term. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to speak to me about this letter or anything else regarding school.

Andrew Ross