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Courtyard Development Project – Update


With all of our fundraising efforts and with financial support from FORPA we have been able to start developing the central courtyard area in school.

This is a long term project and I know many of you have expressed an interest in finding out what has been happening.

So far we have completed Phase 1 of the project. This has included:

ï Purchase of five specialist big planters ñ these are shared between year groups for growing plants linked to Science learning throughout the year. We also ran a very productive Gardening Club in the summer term growing vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and beans.

ï Purchase of a square planter for herbs and scented flowers.

ï Purchase and planting of bedding plants e.g. petunias. These temporarily brightened the area.

ï Purchase of architectural planting e.g. bamboo and grasses. These plants are a permanent, green feature.

When the weather improves in the Spring we will be adding to our permanent planting as well as looking to purchase seating and an additional shed.

In the future we will be raising further funds in order to develop the area closest to our library in order to create a shaded reading zone. Eventually we would also like to see child led works of art on display.

If you have any suggestions or can offer any support related to gardening or developing the outdoor environment please contact myself or Mrs Jeffery via the academy office.

Miss Knight