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Parent Helpers Wanted…


Do you enjoy working with children? Would you like to be more involved with school life? As a school we are keen to welcome as many parents as possible into the classroom to help in all areas of the curriculum. Perhaps you enjoy practical areas, including sewing, cooking, art, or ICT, or feel that you would enjoy working with children during Numeracy or Literacy.

If you have a few hours (or even one!) to spare and would be keen to discover ways in which you can help, even if it is just to accompany children on trips, then please join us for a short meeting on Monday 21st October at 2.45 p.m, when you can meet other parents and discuss ways in which you can be involved.

If you would like to help in school, but are unable to attend the meeting, can you please let Mrs Jeffery know. If you are already a parent helper we would be delighted if you could come to the meeting and share your experiences with other parents who are interested.